Caravan hook up lead for france

Caravaning du lac has been welcoming guests since 1982, to its peaceful and family-friendly setting three kilometres north of bray-dunes and the belgian border, 15 minutes' drive from the north sea seaside resort of dunkirk, and 10 from the plopsaland de panne theme park. Our range of reliable, high quality, and high visibility caravan & camping cables and leads allow you connect to a campsite electric hook-up point and receive an electricity supply as you would at home. It does make you think though of the amount of use a hook up lead takes and they are never tested as far as i knowi have had a blue plug hit or damaged by the site manager on a lawn mower and i just repaired it with a new plug from the site managerthis was in france not a club site. Allows use of standard uk caravan mains lead with older continental 2-pin camping /caravan site hookup sockets updating your browser ensures that all websites perform better and your computer is secure and up to date updating is easy: continental mains to caravan electric adaptor continental mains to caravan electric adaptor 0 0 5 0.

Heavy duty adaptor designed to enable standard uk caravan hook-up leads to be used across europe we are the only company on-line to provide this type of adaptor with superior 25mm cable for high current use and robust german manufactured connectors. Buy another connector lead that connects french type sockets to the caravan mains lead and swop live & neutral at one end mark the connector accordingly you will not get rich with this invention, or any other related to it. Camping and caravan site mains extension hook up leads no need to park your caravan or motorhome as close as you can to the camp sites electricity hook up post when you have this camping and caravan site mains extension hook up lead.

Mains hook up lead 25mm x 25m [product id: 567] a simple and safe way to connect to the electricity at the campsite and get power to your caravan or motorhome one end. Checking and using reversed polarity hookups many ehus abroad are the same as those in the uk these days, so your normal 16a extension lead should fit however, even if it fits, there is a possibility that the live and neutral conductors may be swapped over. Hook-ups the mains lead needed to connect to the electricity supply on uk club sites is a blue three-pin plug and socket manufactured to european standard cee17 many continental sites have this system, but many still use their national-style plugs, especially in france, germany and spain. You need a french round pin two pin connector with the hollow earth to accept the mail earth pin on site to the standard female blue plug to fit into your blue male socket on your hook up lead and a polarity checker. Getting polarity right is only a safety thing because uk caravans are fused only on the live side everything will work all right regardless which way round it is connected but you will only get proper safety protection if connected up correctly.

There is no provision in the wiring regulations for a caravan hook-up cable to either be in excess of 25m or to have a conductor cross section less than 25mm sq the use of hook-up cables of, say, 15mm sq conductor size does not meet the requirements of the wiring regulations. Mains hook up lead 25 metre for caravan, camping, trailer tent motorhome etc 230v this 25 metre connection lead is perfect for connecting site power to your caravan or motorhome when you need a safe electricity supply. Mains hookup it's pretty handy to be able to plug your caravan into site mains and power up your life while staying on a campsite mains connectors make it easy to access power. Hi andrew the cee 16a plug is the only socket used for caravan hook up in the uk, so you won’t need any adaptors to research sites, the best way would be via the two main uk clubs. Continental conversion lead plug haven't used it yet as i'm not going to france until september but i'm sure it'll be ok along with triple maypole camping hook up add to cart maypole 25m caravan 230v mains extension hook ups £2295 add to cart maypole camping and caravan site mains extension hook up leads £1495 choose options.

Caravan hook up lead for france

Orange 20 metre 230v caravan camping electric hook up extension mains cable lead - eur 22,80 orange 20 metre 230v caravan camping electric hook up extension mains cable leadproduct details 100% copper 15mm cable orange caravan 20m mains hook up cable connects to the standard splash proof site electricity supply socket 16a round 3 pin then plugs into caravan socket. Firstly buy a plug in tester that will tell you if you have reversed polaritysecondly make a mains lead to reverse it back to what we consider ok,to do this buy the normal blue male and female plug and sockets for a mains lead,then get about 18inches of mains lead wire one of the blue connectors up the correct wat and the other end wire up back to front so that when connected to your mains. Now lets first take a look at some of the essentials you are going to need do make sure you have got a hook-up lead for electric but bear in mind that in france you may need an adapter for a continental plug, as some of the campsites still use a two pin. Spain, france and italy are gradually changing over, but older style hook-ups may still be encountered the main alternatives are: france - a two-pin plus earth socket - this is the most common type of adaptor available from uk caravan accessory shops.

Sounds daft i know but we got this caravan & i can’t find out where the hookup thing is in /on the caravan to plug in the electric hook up lead, it came with a lead in a cupboard, but no instructions, i have looked in all the places i can think off but we can’t find anything where to plug in the lead. Best thing is to make up a short (1 foot) reversed lead using a blue socket and plug patch in between the hook up supply (or fernch adapter) and your hook up cable if the polarity is reversed. Can anyone help, i need to get a suitable hook up for a mains supply in france normandy do they use our style blue 16 amp bs4343 plug if not can you suggest what it might be. In france you need to use a french hook-up adapter - around £5 from most good camping shops or get one on-line we also take an extension lead because we always end up wanting to power things in different places - powering a kettle in the kitchen area and a pump for the beds in the bedrooms etc.

Electrical site plugs, suitable for camping & caravanning use, for sale in store & online from o meara camping. Caravan electric hook up in europe camping and caravanning equipment camping and caravanning forums,campsites,reviews,free classified ads, camping articles and newsletter plus loads more sometime you do find sites in france that need a longer lead. Caravan / motorhome extension hook up lead aerials, satellites and cables ltd female ceform socket for electric hook up cable, caravan plug by aerials, satellites and cables.

Caravan hook up lead for france
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